Based in Berlin, ShaktiMat sells hand-made acupressure mats from their craftswomen in Varanasi, India.

Skills: HTML, CSS, Liquid, Shopify, Google Analytics

The founders of Shaktimat DE were passionate about their product, but relatively new to the world of ecommerce. They needed a solution that would support their offline sales and allow them to ship across Europe, while remaining optimised to the German market.

I designed and built a multi-lingual Shopify store with Facebook and Google Analytics integration, to allow them to easily set up and track online marketing campaigns, and efficiently manage store inventory.

Emma has been an amazing communicator and planner with a very good eye for design and great coding skills. She's been flexible to accommodate our launch date changes and she delivered a top notch online store for us right on time. I would highly recommend her for your project!

— Glynn Ryland, ShaktiMat